Monday, June 29, 2009

The Soap Box

It’s summer and it’s really hot in Oklahoma. The triple digits and high humidity busted our schedule a few weeks early this year. Usually it’s around the first of July before we begin to melt while working out in the field, but not this year.

Summer is a tough time to sell one of our most loved products, the Lavender Shea Butter. I purposefully do not put a huge amount of beeswax in our shea tins, I know that creamy silkiness is why we (our customers and ourselves) love it. When the temps hit 90 degrees plus – the good stuff melts. That’s just the way it is. If you have a tin – don’t leave it in your car, or in your purse for that matter. Many of us ladies have had that nasty experience of leaving a tube of lipstick in the bottom of our purse on a hot summer day, reached in and drew our hand out coated with red/pink/peach goo. Not so pretty. You can put your shea in the refrigerator to re-solidify it if needed.

In less than two weeks we’ll be missing from the CSFM as we make our annual trek to Woody Fest. It’s a fun-filled free concert weekend of folk music honoring the great Woody Guthrie in his hometown of Okemah, Oklahoma. If you’re one of our regular Woody Fest friends, or if you’re new to Woody Fest, please be sure to stop by the booth while you’re enjoying the Pastures of Plenty and the great music. If it’s hot again, and it’s sure to be, we’ll be handing out those Iced Lavender Towels that help keep us refreshed and smelling pretty.

Because of the heat we won’t be taking Lavender Shea Butter to Woody Fest, but we will be bringing something new – our Soap Sampler Gift Box! This winter Chris and I thought we’d try a little something new – little being the appropriate word. Our regular soap weighs about five ounces – it’s a hefty bath bar, we love it and hope you do too. Chris made a few new additional soap molds for me and I’ve created a smaller bar – the Square Deal Soap – just for fun. After a little searching we also found the perfect size box to hold six Square Deals. It’s a great way to sample our different bars of soap. Ever wondered if you’d like the Lavender Cedar bar? Always bought just the Lavender Bud bar? Need a gift for yourself or a friend? Now you can have a small box of five our favorites (two Lavender Buds are included – because who doesn’t love that bar?) I’ve also whipped up a new blend of soap – Lavender Lemongrass. It’s quite yummy and can only be found in the Soap Sampler this summer. (I hope to make it in the large size for the fall shows.)

Here’s a peek at the Soap Sampler Gift Box – the price is good – six bars of handcrafted soap featuring our organic lavender buds for only $16. How can you beat that?

Oh and be sure to look for Clear Creek Lavender as vendors in the Oklahoma Food Coop!