Friday, February 05, 2010

February 2010 Update

Please pardon our laxness in posting lately. I'd say we've been busy but this is honestly our quiet season and we've enjoyed our first winter in the new house along with blazing fires in the wood stove.  Spring will arrive soon and we'll going in circles trying to keep up with the schedule of herb and plant festivals, caring for the greenhouse (which will start next week), and attending the farmers market at Cherry Street.

Until then, let me share what's happening this winter on the farm.  Soap - yep, it's soaping time.  Handmade soap takes at least four weeks to cure and I've been in the studio mixing up our first batches of Lavender Patchouli Soap (as well as our usual line-up of fine hand crafted soaps).  I'm very excited about this blend.  For years I've thought I'd never make anything with patchouli because it wreaks havoc with my asthma.  What I've discovered though is that while incense and dried patchouli cause problems for me, the essential oil doesn't (I only use essential oils never synthetics).  The sweet scent of patchouli is a perfect match for the richness of lavender.  The first bars will be available in about two weeks.

The studio has been a busy place this winter. On the outside we've finishing priming it for new paint and are waiting for a few warm sunny days to finish putting on the final color.

On the inside of the studio not only have I been mixing soap but dyeing plenty of yarn.  Silk, alpaca, merino... all lace weight or ultra-fine weight.  The shop yarn is located on my knitting blog  (it's easier to update than the official website) where you can purchase using Paypal.  Shipping, as always, is USPS Priority Mail so knitters have their yarn in 2-3 days.

Here's a look at what's currently available in
The CCL Yarn Shop

Lost City Silk in Silver Bells and Pink Champagne.  
(lace weight) 1000yds/90grams & 500yds/45grams
coming next week Wild Violet (1000yds/90grams) 
This is the same yarn shown in the Wild Violet Echo Flower Shawl.
Pink Champagne was used in Mom's Echo Flower Shawl.

North Pasture Alpaca in Turmeric, Saffron Threads, and Paprika (Paprika is sold out) 
(all ultra-fine weight) 950yds/90grams

Oak Barn Merino in Fleeting Moments Dawn and Fleeting Moments Dusk 
Inspired by those fleeting moments of color at dawn and dusk as the sun sits below the horizon casting the spectrum across the Oklahoma sky, these laceweight merino skeins are subtly shaded and soft to the touch.

Chris has been chopping wood, cleaning pastures, and baking cupcakes this winter.  Of course, he's also our face on Facebook you can keep up with Clear Creek Lavender there as well.  I'm a single-social-community-website-type-gal so you won't find me on Facebook but I am on Ravelry as Lostcitydenise.