Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hard April Freeze

Everything at the farm was looking so good -- our Munstead lavender in particular was off to such a promising Spring. Then a cold snap with temperatures in the teens killed much new growth on these plants. We think they will survive, but our harvest will be lesser and later than we'd hoped.

Here is a Munstead lavender showing new growth a week before the freeze.

...and here is a similar plant a week later after a night in the teens.

Oddly enough, the new growth seen above that was not whacked by the freeze is seen consistently on the west side of the Munstead plants -- almost all of them. The cold front came in from the west, yet the west side of the plants was spared.

We have fertilized and are hopeful there will still be a good harvest.

Here is a photo from a severe ice storm in January, 2007 which didn't do any damage to the plants.