Thursday, November 05, 2009

Back in Tulsa!

After a wonderful week of vacation fun in New York, we're back on the farm.  For a bit anyway. There are a few photos of our trip on my knitting blog if you want to see what we look like when we're stoked up on Magnolia Bakery cupcakes.

Tomorrow begins the Garden Deva Open House in Tulsa.  The studio is easy to find on Trenton between 3rd & 4th and I highly recommend everyone coming out to spend an hour (or two or three) perusing the art, crafts, and delicious food available.  This is the last event for us in Tulsa so be sure to pick up those lavender holiday gifts!  We'll have Handmade Naked Lavender Soap, Soap in Sachets, Shea Butter, and several options of gift combos.

The music at the Garden Deva is always outstanding.  Especially fun is the final hour of the event on Saturday when the djembe drummers from the Tulsa area show up in great numbers and really get the crowd's mojo working.

Don't miss it!

Edited to add:
Sadly the djembe drummers did not make it the Deva this year - but there were fire dancers!!


Delphyne said...

How fun to see those pictures! I live 1/2 train ride into Penn Station in NJ and I don't get into the City much. When I am there, I remember it can be so interesting. And the food. OMG. Whatever you want, you can find.

Garden Deva sounds like so much fun - especially when the drummers show up! Enjoy!

Delphyne said...

That is supposed to read: 1/2 hour train ride from NJ to Penn Station. I need another cup of coffee!