Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fall Festival kick off at Winfield!

Autumn is in the air here on the farm. The past week has been foggy, rainy, and mild in temperature. The second round of coreopsis is blooming as is the Munstead. Combine the changes in weather with the flurry of activity in the studio and surely you will know it's time for the Fall Season to begin!

First show up is the Walnut Valley Festival or as everyone refers to it "Winfield". Winfield is a festival like none other we attend. First - there's the camping. Land Rush was on September 10th but people began lining up for the land rush on August 20th. Yes - really! We know people who have been attending Winfield for twenty plus years, each year camping with the same crowd of twenty-thirty-forty families under a huge lighted peace sign.  There'll be jamming and laughing into the wee hours.

Then there's the music - six official stages, plus a few more will give any attendee a chance to see and hear the music they enjoy. Small groups or duos traveling and singing on tour, big names that you recognize and of course the contests for flatpicking, dulcimer, fiddle and a few more. The next rising star may be competing. Heck Allison Krauss won in 1984!

And of course, there's the tie-dye. I've never seen more tie-dye in one place than Winfield, Kansas in September! It's crazy good! There are oodles of tie-dye vendors, along with the traditional crafts of jewelry, pottery, and you guessed it - lavender soap and sundries! You'll find us in the pavilion. Or most probably you'll find one of us in the pavilion and the other in the crowds enjoying some of the fantastic music Winfield has to offer this year. Come and say hello!

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