Wednesday, October 21, 2009

War Eagle Weekend

We're home again after the four day weekend that is War Eagle Crafts Fair.  It always takes a few days to recover after a long stint of festival fun and talking lavender non-stop.

War Eagle 2009 was a bit slower than years past due (I believe) the big Arkansas football game at Florida. (It was a heartbreaking loss for the Razorbacks.) The mornings were cold but without fail there were shoppers lined up at the front gate waiting for entry and the shopping frenzy to begin.  While we sell at other events that are as big as War Eagle, there are unique traditions at this long time festival.

For instance, the costumes.  Not the vendors (thank goodness!) but the shoppers show up in funky and fun Halloween hats, shirts, and vests.  My guess is the tradition began with groups of women who wanted to be able to locate each other in the crowds.  Obviously this was before you could stand at one end of Tent 2 and call your shopping partner , who had gone on to Tent 4, on her cell phone to come back and taste the salsa or give her opinion on the jewelry that you think is destined to return home with you.

This year we went armed with a camera to catch some of the War Eagle fun and preserve it for all eternity.  (Or until we're bribed to take down photos that are evidence of non-sanctioned shopping sprees.)

As you can see War Eagle is not just about shopping.
It's about fun, family, and friendship.  The revelry crosses all generations.

I love when women show their witchy side!

Celebrating forty years of friendship!
It's been decades since Carol and I rode around on our bikes singing Moonshadow.
What say we meet on Aspen Drive and do it one more time?


Anonymous said...

Break out the tandem! I call shotgun!

Denise~ said...

Are we going to pedal down to the City Lake and sunbathe again? We could roll up our shorts - like in the old days.

Anonymous said...

Now that would be an adventure!